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The Outsider: Vol. 15 – Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Years ago I heard the phrase “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” At the time I just thought it was something old people said, probably from some 70’s less than

The Outsider: Vol. 14 – Know When to Hold ‘Em – Part 2

PART 2 In part one of this blog post, I talked about my history in flattrack and my crazy scheme to win an AFT Singles National as a team owner.

The Outsider: Vol. 13 – Know When to Hold ‘Em

I’ve participated in my fair share of April fools pranks over the years. Most of them had to do with the captive audience I had at one of my former

The Outsider: Vol. 12 – The Hoedown

On May 21st, 2021, I sat on my couch scrolling through endless and typically useless bits of information on Instagram. Whether it was through a mutual friend or maybe sheer

The Outsider: Vol. 11 – Tough Guys

What is it with motorcycles and tough guys? Since the 1950’s motorcycling in America has been largely thought about as a rebellious act. We can be viewed as either the

The Outsider: Vol. 10 – Gratefulness

There’s a lot of crazy, insane and/or downright maddening events going down in our world these days. I’m sure you all have those friends who are either posting every viewpoint

The Outsider: Vol. 9 – Diamond In The Rough

I have to admit, it’s a really cool gig working at Direct Cycle Parts. Over the last few years, we have shown exceptional growth, we’ve upgraded our facilities and streamlined

The Outsider: Vol. 8 – Breaking The Chains

Haven’t we all been through enough in the last two years? Lock downs, mask ups, I could go on and on, but I won’t take this blog down into some

The Outsider: Vol. 7 – The Bug Got Me

Over the weekend I was bit. Sure, it’s springtime and that means the pesky flying things and the creepy crawly things are starting to make their moves around most parts

The Outsider: Vol. 6 – When To Head Inside

While Bike Week in Daytona Beach Florida means the end of winter for a lot of motorcyclists, for perhaps even more of us, early March doesn’t deliver the most pleasant

The Outsider: Vol. 5 – Why Rallies Still Matter

I’ve been one lucky guy, and I’m sure not ashamed to admit that. Coming from a small Kentucky town and riding a trail bike around cattle pastures, I worked hard

The Outsider: Vol. 4 – Play In The Dirt

In my first Outsider blog, I wrote about cheap bikes. I noted that nearly all of us got started on some form of cheap bike. I would also venture a

The Outsider: Vol. 3 – Green Acres

The battle within the motorcycle industry between “Brick and Mortar” and E-Commerce stores continues to rage on. I have worked for several different motorcycle industry manufacturers over the years and

The Outsider: Vol. 2 – A Culture Divided-The Touring Motorcycle

A country divided, a nation divided, hell maybe it’s even your workplace divided. How do we bring everyone back together? Can we? I can tell you this, I don’t know,

The Outsider: Vol. 1 – Cheap Motorcycles and Their Greatness

           Motorcycle culture is a funny thing. Most of us here are focused on what’s new, what’s cool, and for the unfortunate few, what makes us seem tough. While most

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